Three Little Pigs Burger (how to redeem your pork crackle)

When I’m hungry and feeling really carnivorous, I like to do some really weird stuff. Here’s an idea for a breadless (and keto) burger, for when you’re up for something epic. It’s basically pork three ways: belly, patty, and bacon.

The point behind this post isn’t really a recipe for a burger. Burgers are basic. Ground meat, salt and pepper. This is all about the belly.

So, I’ve stuffed my pork crackle up. Oh sh*t.

We’ve all been there. Cooking a pork roast, trying to impress some guests, you open the oven and the crackle just isn’t crackle. Its soft, rubbery, everything that delicious pork skin shouldn’t be. Maybe only one small part of it has puffed up nicely. How can you share that amongst your guests? They’re going to get angry. People get seriously judgemental when they’re served rubber.

What do I do?

This will be the most amazing thing you’ve ever done. Go out and get yourself an electric heat gun from the hardware store. Put it in your kitchen. It’s now your crackle redeemer. Turn it on and move it slowly over your roast. Watch in amazement as your rubbery unappealing skin turns into something that will leave your guests wondering how the hell you got it so right. Just don’t tell them you cheated. Check it out:

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